Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD

I am mainly interested in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery & non-surgical facial treatments which fall in line with my successful operational model known as the Minimum Intervention, Maximum Effect™ concept.

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Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD

I seek to merge the multifaceted macrocosm of beauty and health in every venture that I create.

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Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, is a specialist plastic surgeon awarded with a medical PhD for his research on skin cancer and melanoma, Contributor of the Dr. Age megabrand, international public speaker, Publishing Consultant of digital health magazines and Founder of the I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organisation.

Minimum Intervention,
Maximum EffectTM

The successful operational model introduced and implemented by Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, his partners and staff.

Medical Aesthetics

Dr Metaxotos’ holistic approach to beauty include the SYMMETRIA brand and its health and beauty centers, elite health tourism services, a successful range of cosmeceuticals and online weightless. 

Public Speaker

The array of seminars conducted to promote scientific knowledge to other scientific experts as well as the general public.

Digital Presence

Dr Metaxotos’ role as a Digital Consultant for global digital apps. for both the development and publishing process.

Giving Back

As founder of the I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization for individuals battling cancer, Dr. Metaxotos takes regular action to raise awareness for this cause.


The active presence and appearance of Dr Metaxotos and his work as it appears in both international and local media.


Dr. Metaxotos has partnered with selective clinics that share mutual ground when it comes to serving top-tier services with the most advanced and innovative treatments for optimum patient results.

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